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Low cost Brand Builders are pure magic.  15 second ads throughout the day all month long. 

These ads impact short attention span listeners before they realize an ad is playing and stand by themselves in a promotional Island between two songs.  Run them year-round to build awareness of your brand.

Low Prices, Guaranteed. We guarantee our competitive offers. If you find a lower price on an identical ad campaign at a local radio station competitor, just send us the competitor's current offer, and we'll beat their offer by 10%.

Branding is when the advertiser wants the target consumer to believe something about a product or service. An example of a branding objective could be: Get working mothers to believe that my daycare service is the safest place in town to entrust their children. 

Generally, branding requires frequency or talking to people a lot.  Think of it this way, if you were happy with your child's current daycare but its competitor wanted you to believe they were  the better option for your child, how many times would you have to hear the competitor's message before you would consider changing? Obviously, you would have to hear it a lot.