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BRAND BUILDER - $100 per month

BRAND BUILDER - $100 per month

Introduce your brand to thousands of Farm Fresh Radio listeners and keep it in front of them  continuously for best results.  Like a sign on your building, a brand building ad should always be on.  Over time, your ads will be imprinted on people with the Power of Sound...the most effective way to impress people.  It's the most cost-effective way to get a return on your marketing investment.

Our BRAND BUILDER is designed for small businesses that want people to remember their brand name, location and web address.  Brand Builders can be used alone or in combination with other ad campaigns.

16 ads per month  - reaching 18-54 year old listeners who like Contemporary Hit music on Farm Fresh 102.9 - serving Burlington and the greater Champlain Valley in New York and Vermont.  Package automatically renews each month until cancelled. 

You can buy as many of these as you want (if you want to increase your impact).  Just add them to your cart on checkout and we'll give you 5 bonus ads for each extra schedule you order.

Brand Builders play between two songs with no other ads.  Your message is spotlighted and will be heard by EVERY listener.

Production and copy writing are free. Radio works by repetition with the Power of Sound. 

To JOIN the successful advertisers on Farm Fresh 102.9 and purchase this plan, just click below.

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