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Live Face Book Show

Live Face Book Show

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Farm Fresh Radio invites all artists we play to do a live Face Book show on our FB page - reaching 3,000 fans or more.

When you "take over" our site, we schedule an event on our site as soon as it is booked and encourage listeners to watch the show.  We promote the show on air at least 30 times during the week before the event.  We expect you to do the same on your social media, so that your fans and our fans can all attend.

You get administrative rights to post a live event on the site and plan a 15-20 minute show with some banter between songs and play to our audience.  It can include Q&A if you wish or any other kind of promotion you want to do (sell merch, whatever).

We'll keep the show on our Face Book page so others can watch it in the future.

Our fee to do this is $100, and you can book it online here.

Note that as of now, we do these on Mondays at 3pm eastern.  If bookings are heavy, we may add more show times.  Also note that we can do ticketed events and share a portion of the proceeds with you, but naturally attendance will normally be lower for a ticketed event.
Reach our many thousands of NEW MUSIC LOVERS with a live show on our Face Book page! 

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