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Farm to Table

Farm to Table

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84 thirty second ads - M-Su 6a to 6p (in one week) reaching 25-54 year old listeners who like Adult Alternative music on Farm Fresh 102.9 - serving Burlington and the greater Champlain Valley in New York and Vermont.

To realize the most immediate results for your event or sale, FREQUENCY is key.

Radio works by repetition with the Power of Sound. 

Keep your brand TOP OF MIND for thousands of Farm Fresh Radio listeners.  Like a sign on your building, your radio ad should always be on.  Over time, your message will become "sticky" and when people need your product or service, they'll remember YOU. 

How do you feel about having your ad right next to other competitors? 

It's happening all the time where you're advertising now.  In newspapers, on TV, on Radio, even in Digital.

If your ads aren’t the FIRST and ONLY thing a radio listener hears, chances are s/he may not hear them at all.  It is well known in the radio industry that listeners tune away from long “clusters” of ads…yet stations put you and your competitors in the same break.  We don’t.

Re-think how YOU advertise. 

You can run fewer and shorter ads on Farm Fresh 102.9 and make more impressions because there is only one ad at a time.  YOURS.

Production and copy writing are free. 


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