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When you have a sale or an event, you can create excitement and awareness on Farm Fresh Radio.  Reach thousands of our listeners and get them excited!

Promotion is when the advertiser wants the target consumer to take specific action. An example of a promotion objective could be: Get people who maintain their own cars to buy 3 quarts of motor oil at my store this weekend.

Generally, promotion requires reach or talking to a lot of people.

Think of it this way: suppose you were having a party and wanted 100 people to attend. You would probably need to invite 120 people since some of them will be out-of-town, have other plans, or will cancel at the last minute. 

Promotional advertising is similar, if the advertiser wants to sell motor oil this weekend to do-it-yourselfers, he will have to ask a lot of people since some DIYers may be out of town, have other plans, or just bought oil last week.

You Can Make An Impression On THOUSANDS Of People with a promotion on Farm Fresh 102.9

Low Prices, Guaranteed. We guarantee our competitive offers. If you find a lower price on an identical ad campaign at a local radio station competitor, just send us the competitor's current offer, and we'll beat their offer by 10%.